I came across a good book review from whip up. Looks like a pretty good book. I plan on getting a hold of a copy soon. Here’s a little about what whip up has to say about the book.

By Adrian Shaughnessy and Published by Princeton Architectural Press.

How to stop and think. Pause and take in the view. See the big picture. For designers but also for anyone who creates, has their own small business or who freelances.

First – this book is a good read, an easy conversational writing style. Love the pared back design, subtle and simple. Love that it is not glossy or ’succulent’ design that is described in the book. This design book takes you behind the scenes – to see all the ‘grubby’ bits, like dealing with clients/customers, money and rejection. The ‘losing your soul’ bit is for those who think that design has something more to offer than ‘commercial messages’, who think that design has ‘cultural and aesthetic value’.

– from whip up

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