I’m hoping to have some time in the near future to make a new website for myself. Currently I only have an informational page. I basically use my blog to display my recent work but it would be nice to have an online portfolio.

I thought this was a good blog post from Charlie Parker about what to do and what not to do when building an online portfolio.

However I didn’t really agree with the following paragraph: “Don’t learn anything about usability, information design or good navigation practices. If you’re making your site yourself, you don’t want to stifle your creativity with such things, nor do you want to be aware of them if you’ve hired a “creative” web site designer or agency who has promised to make your site “cutting edge”. All that nonsense about making a site easy to use just gets in the way. Make sure you don’t read books on web site usability, like Steve Krug’s Don’t make Me Think. Don’t try to look at your site like someone who’s never been there before. Hey, you know where everything is, if some newbies can’t figure it out, screw ’em!”

I think usability is really important no matter what kind of site you are building.