I found a good article that talks about taking the first steps of becoming a web designer. It’s titled “This way to the web, print designers”. It has a lot of great resources listed. The article talks about the similarities and differences between different mediums. If you’re a print designer looking to get more involved in web, this is a great read.

There was a point in my career when I told my husband over and over again “No, I do not want to do web design”. Even though I took web design classes in college I never had the urge after graduating to go in that direction. I love paper, I love advertising and I thought that should be my focus. For some reason I felt strongly that there was a difference between web design and print design. Over the past couple years though I’ve gotten into the web more. I think when you live with a web designer/programmer it’s just going to rub off no matter what. I realized that I could do print and web and be successful at both.

Sometimes I wish I would of got involved in the web earlier in my career. Then again I realize that I have a real understanding of how the web works and when I assist in building a site I’m not just focused on design I’m also focused on the purpose of the site.