I have a list of music I wanted to share today. Sometimes it seems like weeks go bye and I don’t hear anything new and then one day I find a handful of new stuff.

Raine Maida
On November 13th Raine Maida (the lead singer of Our Lady Peace) is releasing a solo album called Love, Hope, Hero. You can preview some of the songs from this cd right here. I just love his voice. I saw Our Lady Peace in concert years ago and it was an awesome show. I’m very excited for this solo album.

Sara Bareilles
Usually I enjoy finding out about artists before they become popular. However I have to admit that I first heard Sara’s song called “Love Song” on a popular radio station here in Cleveland. After that I definitely wanted to hear the rest of her album. Click here to listen and to learn more about Sara. (follow Sara on twitter)

Fire Flies –
Sometimes you hear great music when you least expect it. I love this song from Fire Flies. I’m not going to tell you where it’s from, but you’ve probably heard it before.

PJ Harvey –
PJ Harvey is not new to the music scene but she has a new album out called White Chalk.