I think every designer has times when they feel unmotivated or less creative than most other days. When I have a day like that I browse through one of these books. This series is my absolute favorite resource for inspiration. It doesn’t matter what type of project I’m working on these books always spark an idea for me.

I first picked up 1000 Bags and Tags a little over a year ago when I was starting my Paper Shop ink. I have an obsession for creative gift wrap, labels, tags, bags, cards and everything else in this category. Since then I have also purchased 1000 Greeting Cards and 1000 Type Treatments.

1000 Restaurant Bar & Cafe Graphics is the most recent book and was just published in September. I’m assuming this is a pretty cool book. I like Restaurants, Bars and Graphics so I’m sure I’ll love this book.

The books are published by Rockport Publisher and you can purchase them online at Amazon.