Last week I was driving down Route 8 and one of these drove past me.

Of course I did a double take. Has anyone else seen these on the road? This was the first one I’ve seen. When I went home that night I did some research to find out more about these little cars.

The official name of the car is NmG. {Globally Cool Transportation} I was quite surprised to find out that these cars are manufactured in Tallmadge, Ohio. These cool cars are electric and operate on a battery charge. The battery lets you drive 30 miles without having to recharge. There would be so many benefits to driving a car like this. I won’t go into all the details here but you can read more about the NmG here. Overall I think it would be pretty cool to own one of these for short commutes.

Myers Motors was founded to promote the more global freedoms, such as the freedom to avoid incurring tens of billions of dollars of ill health effects in cities because of the pollutants primarily coming from car exhausts…and the freedom to reduce or even eliminate your transportation’s impact on global warming … and the freedom to keep your energy dollars in democratic countries instead of sending them to countries opposed to our democratic values … and the freedom to drive the most cost-effective fuel, per mile, of any subsidized or unsubsidized fuel currently available. – Dana Myers