Recently I had the privilege of designing some lenses for If you are unfamiliar with Squidoo here is how it works. “Squidoo makes it easy to share your favorite stuff online, discover great recommendations, earn a little dough and even give to charity. All for free.”

Squidoo is currently hosting more than 50,000 lenses. A lens is one person’s look at a specific topic online. Creating a lens allows you gain credibility on your topic, pay a royalty to your favorite charity and drive traffic to your subject matter.

I created the lens for Squidvids, (Your favorite YouTube topics) and also for Squidlit (Your favorite books and authors).

Seth Godin recently posted about the success that they have had with Squidoo and I found some of the statistics quite fascinating. Along with the growth in content Squidoo has also seen a growth in traffic. “Google Analytics reports more than 6 million unique visitors a month and approximately twice that in visits.” That’s pretty incredible. Read more of Seth’s post here.

I encourage you to build a lens on your favorite topic. It’s quick, easy, fun and truly and awesome online source.