I had a very busy and fun weekend. Some people are probably tired of me talking about the things I did over the weekend. However, I feel the need to post about them on my blog.
On Friday night Sean and I went to see the band Wilco at the Lakewood Civic Center. The concert was fantastic and I really enjoyed the venue. Wilco played for over 2 hours yet it seemed like 15 minutes. It went by so fast. The Lakewood Civic Center is rather small so no matter where you sat this was a great show. The only downside was that the venue could not sell beer. The band even made a comment about how alert everyone looked because there was no alcohol. If you’re unfamiliar with Wilco you can catch them on SNL this Saturday.

We’ll skip what I did on Saturday and go right to Sunday.

I decided that I really wanted to see the musical Wicked. Since tickets were limited and very expensive we decided to play the Wicked Lottery. If you don’t know how the Wicked Lottery works, I’ll briefly explain. Two and a half hours before showtime you show up at the box office and place your name in a drawing. Then two hours before showtime names are drawn and the winners get to purchase tickets for $25.00. The tickets are located in the front row. We were very luck to win. Only about thirty people showed up for the lottery. The show was amazing. Sean and I both really enjoyed it. If you haven’t seen it yet you only have a few days left. The last show is March 9th.