I was excited to find a new blog tonight called Just Creative Design by Jacob Cass. I was searching the web and came across one of his posts from last February. When I went to his home page Jacob’s most recent post was about May 1st being RSS Awareness Day. I found this a little strange since RSS was on my mind today.

This afternoon I attended the Cleveland Web Association luncheon which was really good by the way. Marc always has good things to say, and he’s so easy to follow when he speaks. 🙂 That’s the only reason I attended. I actually learned quite a few things.

One of the speakers today mentioned RSS feeds. I don’t use RSS feeds and I don’t know why. I’ve never used them and I know how they work but I just have never got into it. After I left the luncheon I was thinking how maybe this would make my life a little easier every day. Part of me just enjoys the search I think. I don’t want everything delivered to me I want to hunt for it. However, maybe I’ll start using RSS feeds on May 1st!