On Saturday night we went to see The Smashing Pumpkins at The Palace Theater. Cleveland was the first stop on this 20th anniversary tour. Billy Corgan took the stage around 7:30 in some kind of long black leather skirt (at least from my seat that’s what it looked like). I personally enjoyed that there was no opening act. The band played from around 7:30 til almost 10:30.

It was a great show but I was disappointed that they did not play many of their old songs. Most of the songs came off the new album. While it’s great to hear new stuff I think many fans wanted to hear the songs we remembered best from The Pumpkins. One fan shouted out to play 1979 and Billy’s response was ” I don’t remember that song anymore, I’ll try to remember to play that next time I’m in town”. Kind of disappointing that Billy didn’t give into the fan and play the song.

He also dedicated one of his songs to Sarah Palin calling her a MILF.

Overall I was happy with the show. It takes a lot to disappoint me when it comes to music. A few years ago I saw Billy Corgan perform at the Agora when he was touring with Zwan. Remember that band? That was a good show but I enjoyed the chance to see Billy Corgan perform again.

This image is from SPIN.com. I’ll try to upload some of my own when I have time. (I’m such a bad photographer, I uploaded the one photo that came out half way decent.)