Have you seen this commercial for “G”? The commercial features well known athletes and the voice of Lil Wayne. It’s a great campaign but the commercial totally leaves you hanging. After Lil Wayne talks about the toughness of an Athlete he ends by saying “G”. Which leaves the viewer thinking “What is G”? It’s also a rather long commercial. The spot is slightly over 60 seconds.

After seeing this a few times I googled the “G” commercial to find out what it was for. It’s Gatorade, in case you were wondering. I knew the advertisement had to do with sports but I had no idea it was Gatorade.

I did the research to find out what this product was but will most people do that? My brother is a huge Gatorade drinker but he would never take the time to research the product behind a campaign. I would guess that my brother is probably Gatorade’s target demographic so how effective is this campaign?

Here’s the commercial if you haven’t seen it.