I was having a conversation with Sean the other day about all the concerts I’ve (we) attended. I felt like I needed to make a list somewhere. This may be a boring post and I apologize for any mispellings.

It all started when I was five years old. My mom took me to see Laura Branigan @ The Front Row. Remember The Front Row, with the stage that rotated? After that it was all down hill. In no particular order here is a list of every show I’ve seen. I’m sure I’m forgetting a few.

New Kids on The Block / Tiffany @ Ohio State Fair – My mom reminds me of this day often. The concert was free if you attended the fair. The catch was that once you entered the concert area you could not re-enter. (I don’t remember why exactly). It was so crowded that you had to arrive early. So, I’m not exaggerating when I say we sat in the stands for over 8 hours waiting for the concert to start.

New Kids on The Block @ Gund Arena – Didn’t get enough the first time. Had to see them again.

Janet Jackson @ The Colliseum– I was young. I remember sitting in a Lodge more than I remember the actual concert.

Red Hot Chili Peppers / Foo Fighters @ Blossom – One of my favorite shows of all times. We had seats in the pavilion. Half way through the performance Dave Grohl decided to walk out into the audience and play his guitar right next to us. I could of touched him, but I didn’t.

Bush / The Toadies @ Scene Pavilion – Gavin Rosdale was my favorite in High School.

Third Eye Blind / Our Lady Peace @ Scene Pavilion

Hoobastank @ The Rock Hall of Fame – It was pretty cool to see a concert a the Rock Hall. I wish they would do it more often.

No Doubt @ Scene Pavilion

Green Day @ Scene Pavilion

Moby / Bush @ BGSU Auditorium – I made all my roomates go to this show with me. Originally our seats were pretty far back but they had to get rid of our seats to make more room for audio equipment so we got moved to the front. Not a bad deal.

Linkin Park / Korn / Snoop Dog @ Blossom

Weezer/ Tenacious D / Jimmy Eat World @ CSU – If you ever, ever get the chance to see Tenacious D in concert, go. It was hysterical.

Coldplay @ Tower City Ampitheater – It was so awesome to see Coldplay in such a small venue. That will never happen again.

FastBall / Goo Goo Dolls @ Rib Cook Off

The Killers / Hot Hot Heat @ Scene Pavilion – Probably my favorite concert of all times. It was amazing.

Breaking Benjamin / Seether / 3 Days Grace @ Somewhere in Erie? – We had to drive to Erie for this show. Not sure why I love Breaking Benjamin so much, but I do.

Coldplay / Richard Aschcroft (the verve) @ Gund Arena – I won these tickets on the radio.

The Hush Sound / Panic at the Disco @ Tower City Ampitheater – Panic at the Disco don’t get the recognition they deserve. Their second album is soooo good. The show was great and made me love them even more than I did before.

Third Eye Blind @ Scene Pavilion

Foo Fighters @ Tower City Ampitheater – I pretty much want to see them every time they come to town. They put on an awesome show. The crowd was pretty small at this particular show.

Bare Naked Ladies @ Playhouse Square

Veruca Salt / Aerosmith @ Gund Arena –

Metallica / Kid Rock @ Gund Arena – Not sure why I went to this concert.

Incubus @ Kent State University

Wilco @ Lakewood Auditorium – Such a great place to see a concert. Wilco was great live, better than I expected.

The Black Keys @ EJ Thomas Hall

Hayden / Feist @ Playhouse Square – Feist is amazing and I was happy to learn of Hayden at this show. I’ve been a fan ever since.

Matchbox 20 / Everclear @ Gund Arena

Stone Temple Pilots @ Playhouse Square – Was a little worried how this show would be but it was awesome. I’m so glad I got the chance to see them perform.

Smashing Pumpkins @ Playhouse Square – Good Show but disappointed in the play list.

The Strokes / Weezer @ Blossom – Just kidding. The Strokes decided not to show up to this show. We found out as we were walking in the gate that they were not there. They haven’t returned to Cleveland and I will never forgive them.

Rob Thomas @ Playhouse Square – I have a photo to go with this one. Rob and I are good friends.

Gin Blossoms / Better than Ezra / Kate Voegle @ Scene Pavilion

Dave Matthews Band @ Blossom

Jack Johnson / Ben Harper / G Love and Special Sauce @ Tower City Ampitheater – This was such a great line up of performers. They all performed separate sets and with each other.

LIVE / Counting Crows / Collective Soul @ Classic Park/Lake County Captains – This was fun because the venue was small and it wasn’t very crowded. It was general admission so we were able to get pretty close the stage.

Radiohead @ Blossom

Death Cab For Cutie / Flaming Lips @ Blossom

Alien Ant Farm @ House of Blues – There were about 15 people at this show.

Aqualung / Pete Yorn @ House of Blues

The Format @ The Agora

The Woodland Brothers / G. Love and Special Sauce @ The Agora

O.A.R @ Tower City Ampitheater

Modest Mouse @ Tower City Ampitheater

Better Than Ezra @ Tower City Ampitheater

Zwan @ The Agora – This was Billy Gorgan’s side project. I won these tickets on the radio.

Sara Bareilles @ House of Blues

King Louis XIV / The Killers @ Cleveland Convocation Center

Ben Folds / John Mayer @ Blossom

Oh and Poison @ Blossom (if you consider that a concert)