Some of you are probably tired of hearing about Twitter. The question I usually get from friends and family is “what is the benefit of using Twitter“. There is of course a personal benefit of keeping in touch with friends and knowing what’s going on in the area but there is also a professional benefit.

Below are a few examples of how a Graphic Designer can benefit from using Twitter.

• Get instant feedback on a concept — If you’re working on a new concept and would like some feedback post a link to your design and ask your followers what they think. Its much faster than waiting for an email response!

• Follow sites to get tips – Twitter can be used as a graphic design resource for tips, guides, tutorials and etc. Some sites even give away free design books.

• Drive traffic to your blog or portfolio – If you write a blog related to design, Twitter is a great way to let people know your blog is out there. When you write a new blog entry post a link to the entry on Twitter so it’s easy for your followers to find.

• Practice being a better writer – One of things I could get better at is writing. When using Twitter you must get your message across clearly in 140 characters or less. This restriction forces you to think hard about what you’re writing.

• Creative seminars and events – Follow creative organizations and get tweets regarding upcoming creative focused events.

• Find new freelance clients – Twitter is a great way to find new clients. You’re easily accessible to your friends on Twitter.

• Give advice on design – Help your followers out if they have a question. In return your followers will realize that you are a knowledgeable in your area of expertise.

• Get a new job – Twitter is becoming a great resource for finding jobs. If you’re looking for a new full time position you may just find it on Twitter. Making friend connections on Twitter could be very beneficial in this situation.