(photo courtesy of Torey Mundkowsky)

This concert review is difficult for me to write because I think The Killers are amazing and it’s hard to find words to describe how incredible their shows are. Every time I see The Killers perform it is better than the last. Last night was my third time seeing them and they still are my favorite band to see live.

I just want to mention quickly that even the stage looked awesome last night. The lighting and effects were nothing short of fabulous. A little bit of Las Vegas lighting brought to Cleveland for one night.

The Killers opened the show with “Human” and everyone was immediately singing along. I was expecting the opening song to be from “Day & Age”, and it was. It’s great going to a concert when you know every word to every song, and so does everyone else in the audience. The energy and excitement level was so high.

They played a good mix of old and new songs including “Mr. Brightside”, “Spaceman”, “Somebody Told me”, and “This is Your Life” (one of my favorites from “Day & Age”). Each song flowed into the next with little or no break in between. Personally I love all three albums and thought there was a good mix from all three. Not only do I love listening to the music at the show but I love watching Brandon Flowers move around the stage. He is so enthusiastic and passionate when he sings. It’s exciting to watch his movements and facial expressions. He gives additional character to each song making it so much better than listening to the album at home.

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