After my experience Saturday night at the Rib Cook-Off I was very hesitant to go back for another show on Sunday night. However, I have never seen Keane in concert so I decided to go and I’m so glad I did. Looking back I can’t believe I even considered not going. When I first heard that Keane was playing at the Rib Cook-Off I was a little surprised. Keane is very popular in the UK and I thought they had a lot of fans in the US as well. In my opinion this band doesn’t fit the description of the type of musical guests that usually perform at rib festivals. Keane is nothing less than incredible on stage. The performance was unforgetable to me. 

This is one of those cases that the best thing for me to tell you is to go see them if you ever get the chance. For a moment I didn’t even know where I was and it wasn’t due to alcohol. Tom Chaplin’s voice is so captivating that everything around you seems to disappear. All I could see and hear was him. I had to remind myself that I wasn’t inside a club in England.

The band took the stage quickly and immediately started playing “The Lovers Are Losing”. Tom Chaplin is so enthusiastic when he performs. He marched along to every single song. Some songs brought him to the ground while others had him standing on top of the piano.

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