Last night I joined many other Clevelanders at the Time Warner Ampitheater and enjoyed the Kings of Leon show. I’ve been looking forward to this night for quite a while and was not disappointed. They put on a great performance. There was quite a crowd last night at the Ampitheater even though the rain was coming down pretty hard at show time. 

I’ve been a fan of Kings of Leon for a while now and over the past year or two I feel the quality and performance level of the band has improved. However, I still enjoy hearing the songs from early albums such as “On Call” and “Knocked Up”. These songs have just gotten better over the years. Last night proved this to be true because I enjoyed hearing both old and new songs played live.

The Kings of Leon opened the show with “Crawl” which I felt was a great way to start the night. “Taper Jean Girl”, “Molly’s Chambers”, “Closer”, and “On Call” were just a few of the songs that followed Crawl. Every song was…..

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