I attended “Made in the 216” last year and had a great time. From what I’ve read it’s going to be even bigger and better this year. “Made in the 216” is organized by Room Service owner Danielle DeBoe. Room Service is an awesome boutique that sells products that are produced from artists in Cleveland.
Don’t miss out on all the great local artists, bands and food at this event! Hope to see you there on June 26th and 27th!
Below are some additional details.

The MADE IN THE 216 event, a shopping celebration, was created by ROOM SERVICE (RS) Owner, Danielle DeBoe to highlight just how many talented designers are choosing to STAY and build their businesses in CLEVELAND; And to underscore their high level of talent by merchandising the Cleveland-made designs seamlessly amongst the items RS purchases from NYC, LONDON, LA, SAN FRANCISCO and PARIS-based designers.  There are no ‘booths’ or traditional craft/trade show set ups that differentiate the designers’ wares.  They are integrated in the same creative, narrative-driven way that RS merchandises their products year round. 

The show features a wide weft of creations from men and women’s apparel, jewelry, t-shirts, totes and personal accessories; to stationary, photography, screen-prints, household goods, FURNITURE and music. These Cleveland-based creators represent all levels of entrepreneurship, from the craft circuit, to etsy shops, to international sales….all people who have chosen to stay and build their business in the 216 as opposed to leaving for bigger cities…And RS thinks this is worth celebrating. 

The next MADE IN THE 216 event

The first two events have proven to be very successful but have always been too big for RS’s 600 sq. foot showroom.  To remedy this as well as grow the event, the next event, on JUNE 26 & 27 will be held in multiple locations in the neighborhood, with complimentary cocktails at multiple locations from 5-9 each evening.

  • RS’s main location
  • RS will be activating 2 currently unoccupied spaces on the block for the weekend as well.
  • Happy Dog
  • Look for bands under the marquee of the soon-to-open Capitol Theater

There will be 10 bands including many from the CLEVELAND-BASED record label Exit Stencil Recordings playing at various locations, including the neighborhood’s live music venue, HAPPY DOG and under the marquee for the soon to open, CAPITOL THEATER.  While you’re here stop by our EAT IN THE 216 location which will feature savory and sweet food items from independent local caterers and bakers.  This summer event will get people out and walking around the neighborhood. 

MADE IN THE 216 will be held Friday JUNE 26 from 4-9pm & Saturday JUNE 27 from 11-9 with bands playing at HAPPY DOG both evenings starting at 9pm.