A recent post about Twitter I wrote for AKHIA…..

I’ve been debating about buying a flat iron for my hair now for over the last month. I was going to buy one from folica because I have heard good things from my friends regarding the website. One problem though, I didn’t know which flat iron to buy. Not only are there many different brands and styles to choose from but they are expensive so I definitely didn’t want to make a bad decision. 

Since I’m very active on Twitter I decided to look up folica to see if they were on there. To my surprise, they were. When I found the folica Twitter page ironically the most recent tweet was ” Anyone have any questions about flat irons? Wondering which one to buy and why? Keep sending me your questions!”

Since I had a question about flat irons I tweeted my question directed at folica and got a quick response. The quick response was followed by a conversation of 10 – 12 tweets.

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