My sister’s wedding was last weekend at the Galleria. It was a beautiful venue and everything went as planned (except for a few thunderstorms).

One fun part of the wedding was the photo booth. I think my sister would agree that it was a nice addition to the event. Everyone loved it from our 7 year old cousin to our 73 year old grandma. It’s a great way to get photos of all your friends and family. All night guests were waiting in line to have their turn in the booth.
If you are not familiar with this concept, here’s how it works. You hire a company and they bring the photo booth to your event. Each time someone enters the booth it snaps four photos. When you leave the booth you get a print out of your photos and a second one is printed and placed in a book (sort of like a scrap book). The company my sister chose to use was Red Eye Photo Booth
Yesterday I was thinking about how much free advertising Red Eye PhotoBooth got on facebook. Once the photos were uploaded to the website it seemed like everyone that attended the wedding instantly found their photo booth photo and made it their profile picture. Many guests including myself posted some of the photos as well as a link to the website on facebook.
A couple people even called me to ask my opinion about the idea of the Photo Booth and the company after seeing pictures on facebook.
I do think the PhotoBooth idea is cool. Everyone enjoyed it and the photos always get funny towards the end of the evening. Red Eye was great and I would definitely recommend them.