I’m jealous of everyone in Vegas this week for Blogworld. The lineup of speakers looked incredible. So many people to learn from at an event like this. I’m going to have to avoid Twitter for the next few days. Everyone will be tweeting about the event and really making me wish I was there.

One of the reasons I wanted to go was to learn something new, obviously. I rarely go home from work and feel like I’ve learned something during the day. Is this a normal feeling? It’s important to me to continue to educate myself on what’s changing in the industry. Of course I like my job and it is challenging at times but most days I do what I’m good or decent at and that’s it.

It would of been hard to choose which events to attend. Some of them overlap but they all seem like great topics. Kipp Bodnar, David B. Thomas, Kyle Flaherty & Mica Viehamn are speaking on B2B Social Media. A lot of our current clients at the agency are B2B so this is a topic that interests me. 

Scott Monty is speaking during the lunch on Thursday. Scott is responsible for Social Media at Ford and has had much success with this. He writes a great blog and is always visable on Twitter.

All You Wanted to Know About Web Analytics” sounds like a great session. Analytics is slightly addicting to me. Would love to learn even more about it.

The other day it was announced that @MoonFrye (aka Punky Brewster, remember that show?) would be joining @briansolis for a celebrity keynote. Soleil Moon Frye is an active blogger and has over 1 million twitter followers on Twitter. 

A few of the other speakers I would of liked to hear 

Lindsay Lebresco

Guy Kawasaki

David ARmano

Chris Baggott

Jay Rosen