If you know me you’re aware that I attend many concerts in the Cleveland/Akron area. It’s something I love to do and I’m always appreciative of bands/musicians coming to our area. When a band or musician is coming to town I spread the word via twitter, facebook, blogs, etc. It’s important for people to attend concerts so bands/musicians continue to play shows here.
If a band or artist is coming to town that I like I’ll spend just about any amount of money on a ticket within reason of course.

Last month Live Nation had a promotion that allowed you to buy concert tickets without any additional fees. That’s a great deal! Fees are usually around $13.00 per ticket, which is ridiculous. Taking advantage of this deal, I purchased tickets for Stone Temple Pilots. Tickets were $47.50 and I purchased two. The total for two tickets was $95.00. Kind of expensive but I’ve seen them before and really wanted to see them again.

Fast forward to yesterday and Live Nation announces that tickets for Stone Temple Pilots are now $10.00 per ticket. This makes me furious. Live Nation is punishing people who purchased tickets when the show was announced and rewarding people who waited to purchase tickets. I support local events and concerts as much as I can and feel that I shouldn’t be charged more for being proactive in purchasing my tickets.

If I buy something at the GAP and it goes on sale four days later I have the opportunity to take my receipt back and get a price adjustment. That is the correct way to run a promotion or sale. Dropping the price by $37.50 and not giving your customers an adjustment is wrong.

If it was a $5.00 difference I would not be upset but between two tickets I spent an extra $75.00. This is totally unfair. I’m not getting anything more for my $47.50 ticket then someone who spent $10.00. If there is going to be a $10.00 promotion for tickets it should be when the show is announced, not after some fans have already purchased tickets.

As much as I enjoy concerts I do not enjoy the way Live Nation treats its customers. I’ll do my best to restrict my concert going to venues that sell tickets on their own such as The Grog Shop, Playhouse Square and The Beachland Ballroom. You can purchase your tickets through these venues without any additional fees. Their ticket prices are always fair and equal to all customers.