Rogue Wave performed at the Grog Shop in Cleveland last Tuesday night. Before the show Sean and I stopped at Tommy’s to eat and of course to have a milkshake. They have awesome shakes. We were sitting at our table when two guys sat down next to us with a few shopping bags. Even though I usually don’t pay attention to what band members look like, I instantly knew that these two guys were members of Rogue Wave. I could hear them talking about the stuff they just bought and one guy said “what city are we in again”. I searched the web on my phone for images of the band to confirm that they were part of Rogue Wave. Then I snapped this photo.

After I was done pretending to be the paparazzi we headed to the Grog Shop. The show was great but I’m always disappointed when the band I want to see doesn’t go on stage until 11:00 pm. That is so late for me on a work night, especially while I’m pregnant. However I was not going to miss Rogue Wave at the Grog Shop even if they performed past my bedtime.

“Asleep At Heaven’s Gate” is my favorite album from Rogue Wave. It’s one of the very few albums I own that I can listen to from start to finish over and over again. I’m not sure why it isn’t more popular. During the concert I only got to hear two songs from “Asleep At Heaven’s Gate” which were “Lake Michigan” and “Harmonium”. ( I had to leave before the encore but I know they played “Like I Needed and Chicago X 12)”.

We heard a good amount of songs off the recently released album “Permalight”. This album is growing on me quickly. “Sleepwalker” is one of my favorite tracks from the new album. “Permalight” is the fourth studio album from Rogue Wave. If you haven’t heard of them before now, all albums are worth listening to.

The Grog Shop continues to be my favorite venue for concerts. It’s such an intimate concert experience.

Next concerts: Johny Mayer on August 13th, Stone Temple Pilots on August 22nd, Band of Horses on October 4th