I love everything about the Method brand. As a designer the packaging has always been appealing to me. The clean, simple but colorful design stands out on store shelves. It’s irresistible.

After hearing Method’s co-founder Eric Ryan speak at an AAF luncheon last year I realized method is much more than cool packaging. The culture of the company is very unique and creative. You can get a glimpse of the culture at MethodHome.com . The employees at Method care about the products and the consumers.

Since becoming a new mom I’m even more concerned about product ingredients. While doing some online research I realized Method has a babies and kids product line. It contains everything from baby laundry detergent to diaper cream. Every mom wants what’s best for their child. In my opinion it’s important to use natural ingredients whenever possible. Method offers a baby bundle on their website for only $25.95.

These are my own personal thoughts about method.