Six years ago today I lost my grandpa to lung cancer. I often think about how much I miss him. Recently I thought about all the things I learned from him and how lucky I was to have such a caring thoughtful grandpa.

He taught me beer is good. Grandpa always had a PBR in his hand. Always letting me sip his beer as a kid. If you know me, you know I love beer. I think I got that from him!

He taught me how to fish. Not only how to catch the fist but how to cut off its head, gut it and cook it!

He taught me that there is a fishing lure fairy that leaves you lures in your tackle box. (I know it was him!)

He taught me that it is not ok to cry while playing golf.

He taught me how to drive a boat and it’s ok if you’re only 10 and don’t have a license.

He taught me that if you wish on a star and tell your grandpa what you wished for it will come true.

He taught me how to make pizza. I use his pizza maker all the time.

He taught me that the first thing you do when you get off the plane in Tennessee is get a fishing license.

My life is not the same without him here. I wish my daughter could have known him. I miss him every single day and I will never forget him.