Thank you Cleveland Cinemas for 15 minutes of fun! I know it’s a crazy idea to take your wild 19 month old child to movie. I debated if I should even try and if it would be worth the drive to the theater. She only lasted 15 minutes but it’s ok because the movie was free. This summer Cleveland Cinemas offered free movies for kids at 10 am on select days at select theaters. Such a fun idea. FREE Summer Kids Fest offers 6 different family friendly films this summer. We attempted to watch Kung Fu Panda 2 and the last movie of the summer, Over The Hedge starts on July 24th.

When I was walking out of the theater there was a woman going on and on to the concession girl about how this information about the free movie was so hard to find on the website. She was complaining that the free movie event wasn’t advertised well enough. She stated she had to click several links to find the information. Can’t get over that someone would complain about something that is ALREADY FREE!!!!!!