If you’re currently wondering if your company should have brand guidelines in place the answer is yes. Every organization that is reaching out to customers, clients, journalists, employees, investors, vendors or suppliers should be aware of their internal and external brand appearance. 

Recently I was hired as a designer by two different companies. One of the companies had very specific and detailed brand guidelines. The other company did not have any guidelines to follow. The difference in brand appearance between the companies was significant.

Throughout the year both companies have used several freelancers and contractors. If a designer is unaware of brand guidelines then marketing materials can start to look differently depending on who is currently working on them. The overall goal for an organization should be to have a consistent look across all platforms. Your brand creates the perception of your organization. If you have specific guidelines in place then their should be no worry if you need to hire an additional designer or replace a previous one. Your brand should not change when and if your designer does. 

Brand guidelines assist everyone within the organization. Guidelines contain information regarding fonts, colors and logo placement. Misuse of the logo can be disruptive to a company‚Äôs overall image. On occasion marketing directors, program managers or event specialists handle their own marketing materials. It’s important for them to be aware of the guidelines put in place. 

It can take a little time to put together a detailed document explaining brand guidelines but it is important to have.

Feel free to reach out to me if your company is in need of assistance with putting together brand guidelines.