I just got back from a trip out west. We flew into Los Angeles last Wednesday and then drove to Las Vegas on Saturday morning. It was fun trip and I came back feeling slightly exhausted. I’ve never been on a vacation where I was constantly on the go. It was a pretty exciting trip.

On Thursday we drove to Hollywood from Santa Monica where we were staying and saw a live taping of the Jimmy Kimmel show. We got to sit in the front row during the interview portion of the show. During the concert series portion we were moved to the lobby where the stage was. That’s when I got on t.v! A friend had the show on tivo and I took a picture of the television screen when I was standing next to Jimmy. That’s me on the right in the blue shirt.

Later on that night we ate at a Sushi restaurant and I had Sake for the first time. Since it was our first time trying Sake we had both cold and hot. I prefer it cold but definitely wouldn’t pass up the hot. Both were pretty good.

After a drive through the mountains and around Malibu we stopped at the Getty museum in Los Angeles. The building was amazing and the view as you can see was incredible. I could of spent all day just sitting outside in the sun.

In Vegas we did the usual walking around the strip and gambling. The highlight of the trip for me though was when we went to the Mirage Hotel and saw LOVE. I loved every second of this show and I was so happy we got to go. Cirque du Soleil is always amazing and with the songs of the Beatles, it was definitely an experience. I’d highly recommend the show next time you’re in Vegas. I couldn’t find a clip online that does the show justice. You just have to be there.

They also had a pretty cool bar outside of the LOVE theater called The Revolution Lounge. The website is just as cool!