We took a trip to DC this weekend. It only took us about 5.5 hours in the car from Cleveland. It was a nice drive. The weather was great in DC. It was sunny and 80 degrees, couldn’t of asked for anything better.

When we arrived on Friday we checked in to our hotel which was located on the edge of Dupont Circle. When we arrived it was around Noon so we headed to the subway as quickly as possible. We went down to The Mall and decided to check out a few of the museums. First was the Natural History Museum. This was great but the museum was so crowded with kids running and pushing their way around. After that we headed to the Art Gallery. This is a beautiful building. Unfortunately the museum closed at 5 so we didn’t have much time to walk through everything. We’ll definitely have to go back sometime.
For dinner we went to Hook located in Georgetown. It was great. I loved the atmosphere and both the food and service was great. For an appetizer we had some calamari and for our meals we both decided on the crab cakes. They were awesome!
Later that night we hung out in a few of the bars in Georgetown. It’s a great location with many restaurants and great shopping. If you’re visiting DC make sure to drive over there for an afternoon.
Saturday we got up and headed to Bistro Bis in The Hotel George for breakfast. I was slightly disappointed when we arrived. It was 10:35 and the hostess told us they closed the kitchen at 10:30 and will reopen at 11:30. Now maybe this is common in this area but I’m not use to this. I really didn’t understand why you would turn customers away at 10:35. The restaurant was not busy. We walked down the street and decided to go back and have coffee and wait for them to reopen at 11:30 for brunch. It seemed like a long wait until our waffles arrived. They were really good but not sure if it was worth a wait. Disappointed in the service at Bistro Bis but would possibly stop by again for something off the breakfast menu.

After breakfast we continued our sightseeing. We visited Capital Hill, The Monument, Lincoln Memorial, The White House and drove by a few other amazing buildings. We spent most of the afternoon walking around enjoying the weather and the scenery.
By this time we were hungry again so we headed to Matchbox Pizza. This was located in China Town so we took the Trolley there from the Lincoln Memorial. We had a few beers, I spilled some beer and we ate a great pizza. Matchbox also had a location near Capital Hill. I would definitely recommend Matchbox if you are visiting DC.

After dinner we headed back to our hotel. When we arrived we saw protesters, police, people getting arrested and secret service. Since we were staying in the hotel we were aloud in. Inside there were more police and more secret service. As I walked down the stairs to see what was going on, Alicia Keys walked by me. I learned that guests had been arriving for The White House Correspondence Dinner. A woman was telling me that she saw Bon Jovi, Owen Wilson, Ashton Kutcher, George Lucas, Stephen Spielberg……. I could go on here but you get the point that everyone was here. We went up to our room to watch the even Live on MSNBC. Afterwards we went back downstairs to see if we could see any of the guests leaving the event. I got a few photos as people were leaving. Below is Alan Greenspan, Chase Crawford, Hota Kotb, Natasha Bedinfield and Whoopie Goldberg. I didn’t get to see The President but it was still kind of cool knowing that I was in the same hotel at the same time as Obama and Tom Cruise.

Sunday morning we got up and drove by the Pentagon. We didn’t really know where we were going so we didn’t get off the highway. It was still a pretty nice view of the building. Everything seemed pretty empty since it was a Sunday. We headed back to Georgetown for one last meal and a little shopping. We left DC around 2:30.
It was a great mini vacation. DC is so much better than how I remembered it to be. I have a different opinion now than I did when I was 14. I’m looking forward to going back.
Special thanks to @washingtonian who gave me some great suggestions on what to do and where to eat.